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9780470846100Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors
9780470846131Temperature Measurement 2e
9780471433934Multisensor Instrumentation 6o Design: Defined Accuracy Computer Integrated Measurement Systems
9780471224617Theory of Modern Electronic Semiconductor Devices
9780471733522Fundamentals of Digital Logic & Microcomputer Design, Fifth Edition
9780470863374Microcontroller Based Applied Digital Control
9780470168226RFID Applied
9780470125212Principles of Modern Digital Design
9780470510520Digital Electronics - Principles, Devices and Applications
9780470774724Electrical Installation Designs 3e
9780470774526Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice 4e
9783527622795Power System Engineering
9780470611630Optoelectronic Sensors
9780470611494Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices
9783527629435Optical Sensors - Basics and Applications
9781118558119Electrical Actuators: Applications and Performance
9781118620649Rotating Electrical Machines
9780470876541Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems
9780470825754Motion Control Systems
9781118601662Electrical Machines Diagnosis
9780471457787Digital Logic Test and Simulation, Second Edition
9780471790280Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control